Our story

We warmly welcome you to Hearth, where we bring our passion and love for earth-based arts and technologies and provide a supportive educational experience. We encountered folk schools (originally inspired by Scandinavian folkehøjskolers) in our respective searches for alternative learning environments.

Principles of folk schools include:

  • Life-long learning

  • Curiosity & creativity

  • Connection to natural resources

  • Non-competition

  • Intergenerational environment

We realize that this kind of education is few and far between and we are dedicated to providing connective, safe and empowering educational opportunities to more and more individuals in our California home!

Come play with us! We’re excited to meet you.  

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Interactive Learning Experiences Serve to Build Community

What We Do

  • Create a warm, supportive and safe learning environment where all are welcome to connect and create across difference.  From this, culture is uplifted.

  • In alignment with the original US/European Folk School movement,  “We are an alternative educational path. One that is collaborative, noncompetitive, experiential and holistic”

  • We bring people together to remember and restore once common life skills and to create and share new evolving wisdom.

  • We promote a diverse and multi-generational, teaching and learning environment.  

  • We work to help individuals nurture their creativity and personal learning styles.

  • Provide a place to actively practice and preserve skills, crafts, and stories of our evolving culture.  

  • Enrich people’s lives by creating meaningful hands-on community based learning opportunities

  • We will offer classes ranging from a few hours to multi day classes in areas such as: Willow Basketry, Animal Processing, Fiber Arts, Woodworking, Music/Singing/Stories, Blacksmithing, Timber framing, and more.

We are the beginning of making this dream a reality and are currently developing more resources for your local Folk School, stay in touch as we grow!


We thank all of the individuals who have supported us over the years, including but not limited to our teachers, mentors, friends, & family, as well as other established folk schools around the country and world.


Photos by Laura Schneider

Artwork by Ali Moyer