Roy Blodgett

Roy Arthur Blodgett is a naturalist and writer currently settled in the Laguna de Santa Rosa - ancestral territory of the Southern Pomo. He identifies as a white, cisgender, and heterosexual man of working class. His work explores the intersections of natural and cultural history, power and privilege, ancestral healing, embodied memory, and human responsibility in the cosmos. For as long as he can recall, he has been fascinated by snakes, and over time his relationship with them has deepened into a profound reverence and regard for their wisdom, beauty, natural history, and capacity to inform everyday life.

This year Roy is offering a 4 part Snake Series.


Raleigh Campbell

Raleigh has a background of working with her hands, designing, and creating beautiful things.  At 18, I joined my mother in her jewelry business. Given skills, guidance, and a freedom to create through school and mentors led her to a life work of working with her hands. My first spoon was carved at an Art of Mentoring in 2013.  Many thought I was crazy that I wanted to become a professional spoon carver. Since March of 2018 my focus has been to spend as much time with professional Green Woodworkers as I possible, living in the UK to learn from the masters. I am now back in Sonoma, CA opening The Hearth Folk School.

Raleigh will be offering Spoon Carving, Bead Weaving, & Soft Fiber Basketry.

Co-Founder of Hearth Folk School


Jarrod Dahl

Jarrod is a full-time craftsperson, teacher, and writer who has worked with wood professionally since 1996. He designs, makes, and sells woodenware on his website He specializes in turning green wood into cups, bowls, plates, and boxes, using a foot-powered pole lathe and a Japanese-style electric lathe. He is an accomplished spoon carver who makes a wide variety of cooking and eating utensils with axe and knife. He teaches handcraft nationally and internationally including at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, North House Folk School, Port Townsend School of Woodworking, Greenwood Guild London, Plymouth CRAFT, and Gifu Forest Academy, Japan. Jarrod has extensive knowledge of harvesting and processing natural materials and the making and use of hand tools. He has a deep philosophical, historical and pragmatic approach to making, teaching, and advocating for handcraft. Jarrod writes a blog, and has written for Popular Woodworking and Mortise & Tenon Magazines. He has a DVD on Spoon Carving and on Green Woodworking recorded in Japan. He also has a forthcoming book with Lost Art Press on Spring Pole Lathe Turning. He lives and works in Ashland, WI.

Jarrod will be offering Introduction to Foot Powered Lathe Turning.


Lee Farese

Lee grew up on the mossy north side of Mount Tamalpais, and got started noticing birds out in the cottonwood groves of eastern Colorado. A naturalist, educator, and student of place and places, Lee is dedicated to possibility of neighborliness and respect in the way we meet the more-than-human world. Over the years, he's spent time studying poetry, packing horses, collecting alpine plants in the rockies, and monitoring songbirds in Colorado and Appalachia. In the last handful of years, he's been back in the North Bay stalking herons with young folks along the Petaluma River and learning how to grow native plants.

Lee will be offering our Bird Series.

Nick LaH


Nick LaHaise is a basket weaver, green wood carver, natural foods chef, and all around multi-talented craftsman. He has studied various traditional arts, wilderness skills, deep nature connection mentoring, permaculture, and rites of passage over the last decade. Hearth Folk School has been a long time dream of Nick’s, a place where he can share his love and passion of crafting with others. Alongside dedicating his time to craft, Nick also works at Credo High School, where he teaches social/emotional learning, wilderness skills, and bowl-turning.

Nick will be offering Willow Basketry and Hoshigaki classes this year.

Co-Founder of Hearth Folk School


Maggie Levinger &

Luke Regalbuto

Maggie and Luke have spent many years studying, practicing, and teaching ways and whys of fermentation.  They are forever enamored; it is a subject matter that never lags, reaching generously from science and nutrition to history, anthropology, lore and ancestral foodways.  Successful fermentation calls for a balance of intuition, careful watching, and critical thinking.  Before launching Wild West Ferments nearly a decade ago, Maggie and Luke traveled all over western Europe, the Balkans, and Ukraine searching out traditional foodways, food preservation methods and fermentation traditions.  They returned home more inspired than ever and have been professional fermenters ever since; selling high quality fermented goods through various outlets and teaching youth and adults alike… in home kitchens, schools, libraries, at conventions and gatherings.  Maggie and Luke feel the strong connection to place, health, and heritage that fermentation offers everyone who approaches it.  They rejoice in allaying fears and concerns and helping people to learn the richness that alliances with the microscopic world brings. 

Maggine & Luke will be offering The Joy of Fermentation Series this year.

Owners of Wild West Ferments


Lisa, born & raised in the mountains of Appalachia, has been driven by her passion to "protect the earth" since she was a child. She’s worked in the nonprofit realm to support people in poverty & environmental restoration, as an entrepreneurial coach focusing on social and environmental businesses, and trained as a butcher with Ann Rose of western North Carolina. Currently, she runs an off-grid teaching & learning homestead with her partner & teenage children on their North Carolina farm, hosting folks from around the world as they immerse themselves in nature and re-learn to work in sync with the rhythms of the earth. Their family spends time in the Bay area each year to be with friends & family, share their gifts and expand their horizons. Lisa holds a permaculture design certificate, degrees in planning & geography, is deeply connected to her spiritual self and loves sharing her passions of nature, sacred butchery, wildcrafting plant medicine, culinary arts, tarot, and her budding “light-work”.

Lisa will be offering Hands-On Butchery this year.