Hearth Folk School Goes to the Sierras!

Hearth Folk School goes on the road!  We’ve been spending all of July in the Sierras sharing what we love most….our craft!  

Last summer we dreamed up a collaborative craft camp called 5080 Camp for Aritisans & Crafters with our dear friend and maker extraordinaire, Jeri Werts.  Jeri has a beautiful teaching space right on the creek just north of Sierra Valley, and is equally as passionate about getting people out in nature to make something beautiful with their hands.  Raleigh, Nick, and Jeri have been teaching 3 consecutive weekends on spoon carving, willow basketry, soft fiber basketry, and a variety of macrame classes.  

Along with the 2-day in-depth classes at 5080, we’ve been teaching 3-5 hour classes at Atelier Truckee, a creative community hub and art supplies store in Truckee, CA. Offering these shorter classes has been a great opportunity to share our crafts with people who may be interested in a shorter class commitment or are just in town for a couple days. Atelier also has a great supply of Morakniv carving knives, which we are especially happy about!

In between all the teaching, we’ve been busy turning bowls, carving spoons, and weaving baskets to sell at Truckee’s downtown summer street festival, Truckee Thursdays.  Even in the summer it seems like the sun tracks quickly across the sky!  We’ll be so busy making with our hands (and feet) that when we finally stop to look up it’s almost set across the nearby peaks.  

Demonstrating pole lathe turning at Truckee Thursdays has been especially fun. People gravitate towards the sound of the hooks scraping across the spinning bowl blank, and the sight of wood shavings flying down the sidewalk. There’s the continuous jokes of, “is one of your legs more buff than the other?” or, “you know there’s such a thing as an electric lathe, right?” But it’s the kids who want to get up close to touch the tools, the lathe, and play in the spaghetti-like shavings. We love talking about this style of turning, and watching people's heads turn as they walk by.

We have a couple more classes up in the Sierras before the month is over, and before we head back to Sonoma County to teach classes at Hearth’s workshop space. If you didn’t get a chance to learn from us at higher elevations, come to the coast where we’ll be teaching out of our backyard. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Hearth Folk School