Three Rates: What Should I Pay?

With consideration of diversity, inclusion, and our varied economical situations in the Bay Area, we recognize that individuals have differing abilities to pay, and/or participate. We want our programs to serve as many people as possible regardless of financial situation. This is our current approach to accommodate as many as possible:

  • Full Cost represents the actual cost of running a class in this area and is comparable with the rates of several local specialty classes, as well as supporting our scholarship tier. By selecting this tier you help us thrive and allow more accessibility to others.

  • Sustainable Cost covers our basic costs for running this particular class.

  • Scholarship Cost is supported by full cost tuition and donations, making an accessible entry point for those whom find cost prohibitive.

Tiered Pricing is available for select workshops and programs. Prices vary for each workshop depending on length, materials and the skill offered.  Please see our workshops for specific pricing information. 

If you still feel that price is a barrier please contact us directly about alternative opportunities. We cannot promise full coverage, but we will do our best to accommodate work trades or other needed/supportive services.

We hope to offer additional financial assistance in the future through a scholarship program. If you would like to make a donation please contact us at hearthfolkschool@gmail.com.