Hands-On Butchery Class

Hands-On Butchery Class

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In this one day hands-on workshop we’ll learn about holistic farm to table butchery and practice harvesting beef from whole animal to primal cuts to dinner cuts like steaks, tips, roasts, grind & sausage making. Practice the art of using a knife to shape meat, remove tendon & silver skin for delicious easy to cook cuts. Learn which muscles are naturally tender, where the flavorful fatty meats are found, and how to use practically every piece of the animal in sacred reverence.

This is a small group class with 6 people maximum. Each participant will take home 10 lbs. meat & bones. We will be working with a local Sonoma County Grass-fed 1/4 cow.

There will be more meat available for purchase at $5.59/lb wholesale price following the class.

Class Details-

June 9th


Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to get acquainted with the space. Please bring a pack lunch. Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day.

Class will be held in West Sebastopol - Address will be shared before the class date.

Instructor: Lisa