Braintan Buckskin

Braintan Buckskin

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September 4-8th

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Come learn the Ancient Art of Brain-tanning!

Definition of buckskin

1a : the skin of a buck

b : a soft pliable usually suede-finished leather

Over a 5 day period you will learn the ancestral skill of turning a deer skin into usable golden Buckskin. We will go over various methods for curing and softening as well as traditional sewing methods. Learn in an intimate group setting on beautiful land from a well experienced craftsman. Connect with a skill used across all ancestral backgrounds.

Final times are being established but expect a half day on the first and last day and 3 full days in the middle. Much of this craft is dependant on unpredictable conditions so hours may vary a bit outside of scheduling.

NOTE: Students should be prepared for a physically demanding class that requires stamina and physical mobility. If there are questions about this or if students have injuries or physical limitations, please contact the Hearth School. All tools are provided. If you have a knife please bring one!

A simple but filling lunch with be provided with consideration of all dietary needs. Coffee and Tea will also be available during breaks. Feel free to bring any snacks or drinks to share.

We will end prior to dinner. All participants will be responsible for their own breakfast and dinners. We do not currently provide accommodations but will make the best suggestions that we can. Please check in later on our travel page for any accommodation promotions or discounts.

Sebastopol, CA

Instructor: Dane Bowman