Introduction to Foot Powered Lathe Turning

Introduction to Foot Powered Lathe Turning

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Tiered Pricing Details

May 14th - May 15th 2019

Tiered Pricing:

During this 2-day class we will learn the basics of bowl turning on a foot powered lathe. There will be demonstrations and discussions of axe skills, cutting techniques, hook tool forging and sharpening, handling and storing green wood, drying and finishing green wood bowls. Each participant will leave class with at least one bowl they made themselves.

NOTE: Students should be prepared for a physically demanding class that requires stamina, coordination, and physical strength. Students must be able to stand on one leg for extended periods of time and have the hand strength to open a sealed jar or swing an axe repeatedly. If there are questions about this or if students have injuries or physical limitations, please contact the Hearth School. All tools are provided.

Class will begin promptly at 9 am. We recommend arriving a half hour ahead of time to become acquainted with the site and to settle in.

A simple but filling lunch with be provided with consideration of all dietary needs. Coffee and Tea will also be available during breaks. Feel free to bring any snacks or drinks to share.

We will end prior to dinner. All participants will be responsible for their own breakfast and dinners. We do not currently provide accommodations but will make the best suggestions that we can. Please check in later on our travel page for any accommodation promotions or discounts.

Specific Location TBD (In Sonoma County, CA)

Instructor: Jarrod Dahl