Snake Series - Summer 2019

Snake Series - Summer 2019


June 2nd 9:30-12

June 16th 9:30-12

June 30th 9:30-12

July 14th 9:30-1:30

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It isn't controversial to suggest that snakes are among the most commonly maligned and misunderstood beings in the animal kingdom. However, by interrogating one's assumptions of snakes, and by seeking a deeper understanding of their natural history, behavior, and value as beings with the power to shape and inform human culture, one can renegotiate and subvert the cultural patterns that have so deeply damaged the relationship between snakes and people. In this class, through conversation, council, and time on the land, we will explore the value of snakes as they relate to local ecology and human culture - and hopefully emerge empowered to forge deeper relationships with these powerful beings.

Come join us for a 4-part series getting to know the snakes and reptiles of Sonoma County. This course will take place every other Sunday starting June 2nd and will be centered around identification, habitat, and story telling; though also likely ranging into plants, ecology, and more.

Each offering will build on the previous one so we highly encourage you to attend all four. We have left the option available to attend any number of the classes so as to offer some flexibility. If you can’t attend all four then we recommend attending the first classes, rather than just the 3rd or 4th. Although our intention is for each class to stand alone as much as possible, it is inevitable that each will build upon the ideas presented in the one before.

Classes will be held near throughout Sonoma County. We may visit up to four locations. Specific information with location, directions, parking, etc., will be provided before the series begins.

This workshop is open to participants 14 and up. Please review our policies for more information.


June 2nd, 9:30-12

Location: Ragle Ranch Regional Park, Sebastopol, CA

Focus: Exploring the varied lives of our native snakes - their natural histories, life cycles, and ecological roles.

June 16th, 9:30-12

Location: Laguna de Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, CA

Focus: Learning to see snakes as expressions of the land - how their physiology and behavior can serve to illuminate their ecological roles, and how certain ecological communities can speak to which species of snakes they may harbor.

June 30th 9:30-12

Location: Shiloh Ranch Regional Park, Windsor, CA

Focus: Snakes and people - discussing how humans have related to snakes across cultures, from profound reverence to fear, and the role snakes may have played in the development of the human mind.

July 14th 9:3-1:30 (Including Group Potluck)

Location: Jack London State Historic Park, Glen Ellen, CA

Focus: Rattlesnakes - exploring the intersections of their culture and ours, and how me might renegotiate relationship with these feared and powerful creatures.

The soft arrival is at 9am where we will have coffee and tea. We recommend arriving at 9, so that we can make the most of our time together and begin promptly at 9:30am.

Instructor: Roy Arthur Blodgett