Soft-Fiber Basketry

Soft-Fiber Basketry

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Basketry has roots in many cultures. Locally we see the indigenous people using native grasses, needles, ferns, and fibers. This class will be teaching an adaptation of twined basketry that can be found in the Americas and in Europe, as well as on other continents. Soft fiber basketry allows you to reuse materials that may otherwise go to waste.

We will learn a basic technique of twined basketry using natural fibers and recycled yarns. These baskets are great as water bottle or jar covers, as well as stand alone small baskets. More adventurous projects may include backpacks, bags and larger baskets. My favorite part of this craft is that I can carry a piece I’m working on anywhere, pull it out, and give it a few minutes or a few hours, and not lose my place or progress. Please bring along any retired yarns, jute, or similar cording material if you have it. Cut up shirts, blankets or other fabric can create wonderful scrappy soft vessels.

All students will finish one small basket, with an opportunity to start a second basket to take home.

Class will run from 9am-3pm. We recommend arriving a half hour ahead of time to become acquainted with the site and to settle in.

A simple but filling lunch with be provided with consideration of all dietary needs. Coffee and Tea will also be available during breaks. Feel free to bring any snacks or drinks to share.

We will end prior to dinner. All participants will be responsible for their own breakfast and dinners. We do not currently provide accommodations but will make the best suggestions that we can.

Held in Sebastopol, CA

Instructor: Raleigh Campbell